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LAVIZION is a family owned one stop beauty business located in the heart of Leicester. We are dedicated to creating truly organic and natural products carefully crafted by hand, using fresh natural, and locally sourced ingredients that will feed your skin and hair with all the goodness necessary to blossom and be truly healthy.


Lavizion' means "the vision" in french a language native to the founder. We believe beauty is an energy that you put out into the world, the way that you treat yourself can have a directly positive or negative impact on how you view and interact with the world. This is why it's important to treat yourself with kindness and repeat and affirm messages of love to yourself. When we take time for ourselves, we are feeding positivity into our consciousness that tells us we are worth effort, energy and love. We are taking time to replenish reserves that can easily be depleted through everyday challenges. Simple realisations like this can be profoundly energising bringing about a sense of confidence, uplift and balance. It's ok to take down time, be creative and indulge ourselves in the things that we love. You are your most beautiful self when you are happy and comfortable with who you are. 


As lovers of all things natural and organic. We like our beauty to be clean and green. So we make the extra effort to ensure that the ingredients we use are the purest and most natural we can find. We source the finest quality sustainable ingredients that are grown, harvested and cold-pressed right here in the UK, as well as certified organic and Fairtrade natural ingredients from a little further afield. We are always looking at ways to become more sustainable, this plays a big factor in why we choose British, however at this stage the UK cannot provide every ingredient we need. So we make sure that we source our non UK ingredients responsibly and as geographically close to home as possible. We avoid synthetic ingredients in favor of honest and healthy ingredients that won't negatively impact our health or our environment. 


We specialise in providing high quality nutritious hair options to meet the unique needs of afro textured as well as different hair types. This way we are able to offer a more tailored hair experience, working to create highly effective products that deal more directly with common issues that are often unique to our hair. That being said, our products are all natural and full of wonderful healthy ingredients that everyone can benefit from.

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